Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sculptor John Chamberlain Dies at 84

John Chamberlain Gallery, Dia Beacon

Writing in Slog, Jen Graves’ reflections on Chamberlain betray a sense of regret for not having looked harder. “He made the same thing so many times, it became impossible to see it,” she wrote, vowing to find the car crash in the next sculpture of his she saw. At ArtNet, Charlie Finch writes: “it is difficult to remember when Chamberlain was young, innovative and experimental…He coulda done better [sic]” in an obit that ran less than six hours after news broke of the artist’s death.

Not everyone shares Mr. Finch’s knack for discarding a piece of news – no matter how recent, sudden, or upsetting – as trivial. Others are willing to wait a while longer to make up their minds. Meanwhile, the sculptures, many of which are on long term view at Dia Beacon, aren’t going anywhere.

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