Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Age of Consent

Tracklisting and collage that sort of looks like that wolf from The Thing via www.ageofconsent.co.uk
Age of Consent Mixtape Sept 2011 by ageofconsent

The Beach (Valis Remix) - Age Of Consent
Forever Young (Discodeine Remix) - Joakim
Stars (Rodion & Marmarella Remix) - Visti
Oldschool, Baby (Piano Mix) - Westbam & Nena
Assault On Precinct 13, (Main Title) - John Carpenter
88:88 (Stage 3 'The Club' Danger Edit) - Danger
A New Error - Moderat
Business Woman - Minitel Rose
Goblin City (Holy Ghost! Extended Disco Dub) - Panthers
What Do I Do Now? - Metronomy

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