Monday, August 22, 2011


Last month, I spoke with Brandon Stosuy about the selection process for Warm Up, the performance series that's been happening in the courtyard of PS 1 on Saturday afternoons this summer. An editor at Pitchfork and contributing editor at The Believer (he is their in-house metal correspondent), Stosuy had found a kindred mind in fellow committee member Kris Chen of XL Recordings. Both of them were really into Claire Boucher, professionally known as Grimes.

It's probably worth mentioning that the art from the above clip is Grimes' own, as are the paintings for the posters and cover art for her albums Halifaxa (2010) and Geidi Primes (2011). 

Saturday was the ninth time the rising neuroscience student played in New York, and notwithstanding a technical difficulty, her set was rock solid. Boucher later remarked at how different the venue was from what she was used to. From doing shows with the soulful, strings-inflected How to Dress Well, and the rave-y, sugary Gobble Gobble (now known as Born Gold), her experiences have happily occupied the extremes of "a quiet, emotive show, where everyone's paying attention," and "a really crazy dance party."

Darkbloom (2011), Grimes' split LP with D'EON, is available on Insound and Amazon.

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