Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soft Flex Mixtape by The-Drum

It's a shame that I haven't boosted The-Drum's tumblr until now. Outside the love for Brandon and Jeremiah's skills expressed by RA and Impose, a kindly chap referring to himself as "Fattie" has offered an appraisal that I really can't top. It makes more sense just to republish it here:

"Let’s pretend that your favorite 90s r&b jams decided to fuck the dark sex-crazed goth girl that you were in your late teens and y’all did some serious drugs.  The ensuing musical baby would be this badass mix by the drum.  Download it now.

Um…yes. YES."


Soft Flex Mixtape by THE-DRUM

Falling by THE-DRUM

Icy Tropics by THE-DRUM

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