Friday, April 29, 2011

Art Fag City: The Sound of Art

A few months ago, Art Fag City founding editor Paddy Johnson made a compilation of recordings of music, noise, and sound art from galleries, museums, and other New York art venues:

This is a collaborative project in several senses of the word: more than forty artists contributed to it, one hundred seventy-four donors on Kickstarter funded it, and now, at its current stage of distribution, an equally diffuse group of enthusiasts of experimental sound is being counted on to give it a listen. 

So be cool. Make a purchase through PayPal and receive your very own edition of this vinyl LP in the mail. For those that don't have a turntable, it's worth mentioning that the album itself is mighty easy on the eyes. 

Michael Smith prints and T-shirts commemorating the project are also available.


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